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Digging in

sunny 21 °C

Enjoying each delicious spoonful of history, culture, conversation and so very much more!
My trip has brought me experiences I could never have planned and there is still more to come. (insert ear to ear smile)
What did I do to ever be this lucky? (I must do more of that!)
Last night I spent the evening in a neighboring town at a Tango/Swing Concert. The perfect end to a day spent helping to clear scrub brush from a piece of land near Aigues-Vives. Of course there was time spent wandering the property & taking a nap under some olive trees.
(I worked hard until lunch at 1pm I swear!)
I am still wandering the countryside visiting many beautiful villages, cathedrals, castles, exploring bigger centers like Beziers and filling my days with many feasts for all my senses.
I even get to take care of Jack for a few days. He is such a sweetheart of a cat! (who is currently purring & nudging me for cuddles as I write this)
Good thing a kitty's attention span is short, for I must run... Time to dig in again. This time for appetizers & wine with a few neighbors.
A few photos...
Walked from La Liviniere to the Windmill just past a town called Feline... Pic of the destination (a coo coo bird, many flowers, great conversations, tadpoles, sunshine, a snake, horses & much more made the journey an absolute pleasure... yes, even the snake)
A great downspout along my way

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Once in a Life Time

semi-overcast 21 °C

Oh, no! I am not referring to this trip... Just the soundtrack du jour.
Enjoying a mellow Saturday morning with the Talking Heads after a gorgeous evening with friends along the Canal du Midi.
Spent the majority of my morning dancing like no one was watching (Well, I hope no one was?!)
This small town French life might not be for everyone, but it certainly would take no convincing to have me stay. I feel like I am expanding the boundaries of my happiness every day. I am going to be nauseating to be around pretty soon (ha)
Have done MORE day trips, visited a fantastic safari, the Mediterranean, have accepted invites for coffee, tea, wine and of course, every meal is a grand event. The meager french I speak, has been a boon.
More trips and events planned with my friends M&A. Have I mentioned lately?... Life is Good!
Today's Images:
Best map ever! In case you wondered about my cartography prowess... I found my friend's place using this map! Oh Yah!
A Bridge over the Canal du Midi at dusk... beautiful town not far from here (Le Somail)

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Best Laid Plans

sunny 27 °C

Often go awry.
So it's a good thing that I am going with the flow. (which has meant of course, less blogging)
The last few days have brought me to an Olive Manufacturer, some roman remains (of the stone variety) and markets, festivals, an apple shop, honey manufacturers, Abbeys, gardens, an artist community and much more... Including great food and picturesque narrow roadways lined with charming villages and wind swept countryside. I have met more locals, walked my legs off (practically) and can't wait for more!
Today's pics are all about the food. An Apple shop in Tourouzelle & Honey farm tasting station in Montseret

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BE the Cat!

sunny 17 °C

When you are in a town filled with so many cats, sometimes you have to your cue from how they manage a day in the life!
Today, I initially though it the perfect day for getting laundry, some blogging & a trip to the garden accomplished. But on my way back, I noticed a trend... Cats stretched out enjoying a nap in the sunshine. Hmmm, Now there is an idea!
Pic: Me curled up with an open window and a flood of warm sunshine. Ah, those cats sure had it right!

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Hit the ground running

overcast 12 °C

It has been a whirlwind since Wednesday, in a good way.
For me, the trip really began as I pulled my cute little Fiat 500 out of the Toulouse Airport.
My splurge on a GPS payed off immediately. Leaving Toulouse, I felt like a pinball being released in to a fast paced driving game.
(Thankfully I didn't loose.)
I made my way through the rest of my southern journey on a GPS scenic tour. It took me through the back roads of a region called Minervois. Super narrow roads, and scenery galore. Breathtaking. With no actual agenda, I took my time & many pit-stops, one which landed me a chance encounter with the same Parisian woman that taught me how to find wild asparagus last year! She was full of many new travel tips, what a wild coincidence.
Arriving a wee bit early in Pepieux, my hosts (the Guest house owners) invited me in for a cafe creme & chat before I unpacked and started catching up with a few neighbors in the street. Before long, I had plans for the night: A Jazz concert in the basement of the old Abbey in Caunes-Minervois. Spectacular. The setting, the evening, what a beginning.
With a few hours of sleep, the next day began with Ping Pong. I met some British neighbors over a few games, and also a few locals (both adult & children). One of the locals, a vineyard owner, invited myself and my friend M. to what sounded like a potluck with singing. While the idea of it seemed daunting, we accepted and quickly created a salad for our evening adventure. Upon arrival at a vineyard called Chateau Coupe Rose we found that the evening began with a wine tasting of their 8 varieties. The evening then moved to an acoustic concert where the 9 percussion musicians harmonized in the ancient language of Occitaine, singing traditional folk songs. It was incredible and the vaulted ceilings of the winery/art gallery only added to the entrancing performance. When the concert was complete, we arrived at the potluck portion. Tables were brought into the room & we all (guests, winery owners & musicians) sat and shared a meal together. The stories and song that filled the rest of the evening rounded out a perfect evening.
But wait, not done yet... Easter Sunday I was taught the way to make a wild asparagus omlette. Served in the traditional French style, a layer-cake of courses ending with tea and chocolate for dessert. My friend's partner decided we needed to explore some countryside after our meal, so away we went. Exploring an olive plantation, a handful of seriously cool villages & ending with Tea at an outdoor cafe along the Canal Du Midi. WOW.
I am exhausted, but at the same time envigorated & thrilled to see what the rest of this amazing month is going to bring!
Here are a couple pics from my journey:
- A worn rest stop map. I am actually smack in the middle, not where the arrow points. (Between Carcassonne & Pepieux)
- A road less traveled? Perhaps. The width of this road is why I would never consider riding a bike in France.

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