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Life is Good!

semi-overcast 23 °C

So many things happened today, where to start?... Perhaps point form with details skipped is best... and shortest ;)
Got so many chances to use my French today. The cogs turned slowly my friends, but words did come out... Eventually.
It was a wee bit stressful remembering conversational french on the fly, but I DID IT! (Mostly)

- Met Jeanine, a lovely elderly woman on my walk this morning who invited me into her garden for a visit and lesson on Olive & Orange Trees
- Visited neighbors who invited us in to view their terrace overlooking the canal, and to try some local wine they thought we might like.
(She, Christiane, keeps trying to convince me the last few days to buy a place out here... tempting, very tempting)
- Visited the local Boulangerie (Bakery) to buy bread and a sampling of some local treats (thumbs up all the way)
- Went grocery shopping at the local Casino, a veritable windfall of affordable goods.
- Chatted with another Monique visiting Pepieux from Toulouse. She didn't speak a word of English, but we managed to chat awhile.
- Spent another long spell with coffee in hand on the porch, chatting to the Expats while making a few plans to go hiking and trying some local specialty baked goods that come from a village nearby. Can't wait! The promise of sweeping vistas and good french food... sold!
Walked 5K down a windy french road to have a wine tasting at a local Wine Cave. What a seriously cool place. The old woman running the place thought we were hilarious. Me with my broken French, still being the translator for B. We had a great time. It was as rustic as it gets. A Peacock, some chickens and broken down/ over grown everything. Of course the wine we liked was $50 a bottle. We settled for what the other Canadians were drinking. Much cheaper, and still very good!
- I also caught some quality time with a pretty new grey blazed foal along our way back. After being vetted by her parents, she wobbled over and let me pet her for a while. Could this day get any more fabulous?
Here are a couple pics. One of our gite. My room is the one right above the door, and the other is the pass through to the canal & pathway a few steps from our front door! This may not be on the list of "les beaux villages du France" (the beautiful villages of France) But I love it here.

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A Lazy Day

Day 3

sunny 22 °C

Well, Lazy in that we sat on the Porch and drank coffee all morning. Did manage to walk around part of town and get out to some local ruins in the afternoon. So gorgeous, but oops... forgot to take my blog i-phone shot(s) to post, so since I have to convert a camera pic, you are only getting one today... The tall cool Heineken we deserved after the hot 9 km of wandering... It's not all wine & cheese here you know!
(Backdrop courtesy if our lovely Gite)

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Je suis arrive (sorry, my computer is French accent free)

Day 2

sunny 20 °C

Well, the trip was a good one! They even served me Deli Saag with Paneer (Spinach curry with farm cheese) & Aloo Gobi (potato & cauliflower curry -my absolute fav) on the plane which made my month in itself. Then a city hopper from Amsterdam to Toulouse with a clear view of Paris. Clearly visible from my window seat (but ant sized) were the Eiffel Tower and Arc du Triomphe. Kind of like I was at the minitureland version ;)
Through twisting roads, stunning villages and a mess of speedy traffic, I arrived. Gorgeous. Met two former Calgarians, and there are 4 more vacationing in to a time share they co-own a few doors away. Small world. This town is cat friendly, a must for rodent free living. Here is a quick glimpse of what I saw when I first walked into our Gite.(Cottage) As well, where I spent the evening chatting with fellow Calgarians.
Paws.jpg Porch.jpg

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Ready, Set...

Day 1

semi-overcast 8 °C

Well, I am ready. As ready as I will ever be for the 11 hrs & 45 minutes plus airport time that lies ahead. Starting to get excited...Ready2go.jpg

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Ice Age

snow -6 °C

Wow, the snow keeps piling up, and the ice too! Visited my sister's place today and found a plant that looks exactly how I feel. Brrrrrr!
icy4.jpg icy1.jpg

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